5 Ways a Corporate Brochure is Good for Business

There’s a good number of Ink Print Solutions clients, large and small, who tell us that the corporate brochure is now more important than ever. It’s no longer the annual event that it once was, when brands showed themselves off in their latest print finery. But print brochures are now considered a unique, and trustworthy way to experience business branding.

The digital age has put pressure on creatives and designers to create innovative, highly desirable print products that customers look forward to receiving. We still buy books because it’s an event; we a drawn to the cover, we enjoy the texture, the ‘new book’ smell and the experience of losing ourselves in its pages. A corporate brochure can create the same kind of experience for customers.

The Ink Print team has put together 5 ways in which print brochures can benefit brands:

1. A Corporate Brochure Requires Team Focus

We’re struck by the number of times clients tell us the corporate brochure is the anchor to all their marketing. Why? Because it focuses the marketing team on brand in a way that digital marketing can’t. Creating a print product that will capture the attention of customers, and offer value in a paper format, is a different kind of challenge. And one that often revitalises the digital offering.

2. Print Brochures Can Be an Experience

Our digital experience is one of distraction. Every few seconds a pop-up ad demands our attention, or we receive a new notification, or there’s a link that catches our eye. High quality corporate literature offers a very different experience for customers. There’s the opportunity to take time, focus, and enjoy quality writing, great imagery and first-class production values.

3. Articulate Your Brand in 3D

Clients tell us that they’ve become adept at articulating their brand on-screen, but print brochures allow them to consider their brand in three dimensions. In order to create a corporate brochure that will be read and shared, attention to detail is key. The weight of the paper, the quality of the print, and the way the product feels all play their part in defining your brand.

4. Innovative Features Create Talking Points

Ever thought of introducing a pop-up feature into your corporate brochure, or a video screen? When you’re ‘working the floor’ at a trade show or conference, a talking point is what everyone’s looking for. Delegates’ bags will soon fill up with throwaway products, so why not offer a brochure that will be shared, talked about, and – most important – won’t end up in the bin.

5. Direct Communication With Your Customers

A digital brochure appearing in you inbox is nowhere near as satisfying as a brochure arriving through your letterbox. A number of Ink Print Solutions clients have requested specially designed mailing for their brochures. These differentiate the package and personalise brand, making it hard to resist opening there and then.

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