Rightmove Clipboard Mailer

A while back, Ink Print Solutions created a bespoke Winter Mailer for Rightmove. The success of this initial campaign led to a second project which we’ve just completed. In both cases, the aim was to provide a beautifully packaged bundle of branded merchandise for selected employees.

Creating a Clipboard Mailer for Rightmove

ink Print MailerThe clipboard mailer is intended to help Rightmove Estate Agents to value homes for the market. To this end, each mailer includes a branded clipboard, a report booklet, a letter, and branded pens, enclosed in a branded box. This is just the kind of project the Ink Print team love to work on. Besides the design work, it encompasses a variety of printed elements from different sectors, making it an interestingly complex task to manage.

Print Management for the Rightmove Mailer

First we specced the task, and then sent out detailed specs to the appropriate suppliers on our list. This specialist list comprises over 60 audited and ISO compliant suppliers we have selected in order to get the best cost for items. In this case the work was split between a litho printer, a merchandiser, a flexo packaging printer and a mailing house.

Once our client had approved the artwork, the costs and the proofs, each of the individual pieces were sent into production. Our professional project managers managed each piece as an individual project, before finally integrating them into the whole. At Ink Print Solutions we pride ourselves on delivering to deadline, and on budget – which is largely down to the expertise of our print managers.

Sending the Mailer Out to Rightmove Employees

We received mailing data from Rightmove which was then PAF tested against the Royal Mail database. We use the Postcode Address File (PAF) in order to provide the client with a report of the accuracy of the data sent. The aim is to reduce wastage, and maximise the number of packs that are received by their intended recipients.

The mailing data was then split into 6 chunks in order to manage mailings over a 2 month period. The total number of packs created and mailed was 1,000.

Enhancing the Value of Internal Communications

Most of the ‘helpful’ booklets that businesses produce for their employees end up – at best – unread on a shelf, or – at worst – in the bin. Rightmove has addressed this problem by enhancing the value of the booklet. Receiving a bespoke box of assorted goods is an event, in a way that being given a booklet isn’t. Everything included is designed to help with the work Estate Agents do, and the care taken demonstrates that their work is valued.

If you have any bespoke mailing requirements that you would like to discuss with the Ink Print Solutions team, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01525 305 204