Exciting Twist on Traditional Print Design

An Exciting Twist on Traditional Print Design

Our last blog was about the Google approved VR goggles we designed as part of an innovative website launch. The same client also asked us to create a self mailer (direct mail piece that can be posted without requiring an envelope). This was to be sent out to the current client base, and to prospective clients, to showcase their new website.

Creating Tactile Print to Spur the Imagination

The brief was very clear; the self mailer needed to be tactile and catch the imagination of the recipient. What was needed was an intriguing use of a traditional mode of delivery. Our agency client came up with a deliciously novel idea – the double pop up mailer. Like the VR goggles the design invited an interactive, hands-on engagement, with a playful pay-off that was both informative, and delightful.

Turning Creative Vision Into 3D Print Design

Once we received the concept drawings we set to work on thinking about the best way to realise the design, and the materials that would be best suited to the task in hand. We tried a number of blank samples, using different materials, and we finally alighted on 250gsm silk paper as our best option. The silk paper provided two important advantages; it allowed the product to ‘fall’ properly, and kept it within the lower band of postal rates (an important factor when mailing 23,000 items!).

Ink Print – Always Ready To Go The Extra Mile …

Exciting Twist on Traditional Print Design

Extra-special design sometimes requires exceptional effort to realise it. Once the design was signed off and the materials were chosen, we discovered that we would have to produce the 23,000 copies by hand. This was the only way that the double pop ups could be adhered to the machine finished base. It was hard work, but there was no other way – and the results were spectacular!

The project was delivered in just 3 weeks, from arrival of proofs to bulk delivery at the mailing house. Whilst the schedule had tested us, we were in no doubt that the quality of the product justified the extra care and attention we had lavished upon it.

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