Ink Print Provides High Quality Print Materials for Exhibition Stands

No matter the size of your business, it’s likely that the thought of exhibitions and trade shows are enough to bring you out in a cold sweat. It’s not just the logistics, it’s the myriad decisions about banners, product merchandise and display panels. After all, exhibitions aren’t just about meeting your customers, they’re also about confronting your competitors.

Your Exhibition Stand

Whatever the size of your stand, your display materials are the way you’ll make an impression. Exhibition ‘old-timers’ will tell you that having the loudest, busiest or quirkiest stand won’t guarantee you the attention you crave. Rather, it’s the innovative piece of merchandise, or an understated use of imagery.

Ink Print Solutions provides a range of high quality exhibition print materials. So what makes us different? We pride ourselves on being able to offer those finishing touches that make the difference between a quick glance from a customer, and a ‘stop in your tracks’ moment. Best of all, we can manage your printing process to ensure that everything arrives to budget and on deadline.

A Range of Print Materials for Exhibition Stands

Here’s a selection of the kinds of print materials we provide:

  • Roll Up Banner Stands. These are the staple of an exhibition display, and we’ll create them to your specifications. We guarantee a high quality finish.
  • PVC Banners. If you’re looking to announce your presence across a crowded room, then a banner is the way to do it.
  • Presentation Walls. Whether you’re looking for a straight stretch frame, a wave stretch frame, or a U-shaped wall, we’ll make your marketing artwork look stunning.
  • Presentation Stands. Whatever the shape or size, we’ll adapt your artwork to fit the presentation stand of your choice.

Brochures and Booklets

We consume much of our branded information digitally now, but at exhibitions we expect to pick up printed material. It’s a good opportunity, therefore, to create something special that won’t end up in the bin. Tactile printing allows you to create high impact sensory graphics using textured, embossed or metallic finishes. For an extra special flourish, digital foiling allows you to personalise printed material with different coloured foils.

Freebies That Become ‘Must Haves’

Every exhibition stand has them, and the ‘freebie’ remains a brilliant way to get your brand in front of customers that wouldn’t otherwise have engaged. The better the quality, the longer they remain in circulation. Here’s how long – on average – printed merchandise lasts:

  • Mobile power banks – 18 months
  • Printed umbrella – 12 months
  • Branded calendar – 12 months
  • Printed mug – 8 months
  • Promotional bag – 7 months
  • Branded pen – 6 months

Branded print merchandise is certainly great value for money, and Ink Print Solutions can manage the print and delivery of your chosen items.

You Can Trust Ink Print Solutions for Exhibition Print Delivery

Preparing for an exhibition can be a nightmare because often the print materials require specialist printers, and sourcing the best job for the best price takes time, expertise and focus. Many of our clients will hand their exhibition print management over to us. We will provide expert input, access to a network of specialist trusted print partners, and delivery without drama.

Looking for a professional to deliver your exhibition print efficiently and effectively? Call Ink Print Solutions for print services and management on 01525 305 204