Getting Your Brand Noticed at Trade Shows

Ever had the feeling your exhibition stand is the one that’s getting less traffic than everyone else?

If so, you can relax – because everyone gets that feeling at trade shows. But why not consider it a nudge to re-examine your printed banners and branded merchandise? It could be a great opportunity to refresh your offering, and maximise the possibility of your exhibition stand becoming the ‘must visit’ location.

Here’s 4 ways InkPrint Solutions helps clients to increase their footfall at trade shows:

1. An Exhibition Stand That Draws the Eye

Your display materials are what’s important at a trade show, not the size of the stand. That means your print materials need to be high quality. The cheap but cheerful roll-up banner may have a great message. But if it wobbles, is badly printed or leans at an angle, it’s a great reason for busy delegates to pass on by. Same with endless freebie trinkets – your clients have seen it all before.

Instead of this we suggest the use of minimalism, a striking image, or colours used in an engaging and arresting way. The dulled eyes of delegates don’t want more, they want different.

2. Merchandise That Creates Activity

The key to getting people to stop at your stand is for them to see people already engaged and active.

That’s why we like to create print leaflets that can be folded or popped into a shape that transforms them. If you’re prepared to invest in branded merchandise, you might want to consider using VR goggles that allow visitors to enter a simulated reality.

People who are curious and engaged, lift the energy of your exhibition stand, and there’s no better magnet to draw others than interactive energy.

3. Make Your Brochure a Sensuous Experience

Picking up brochures, business cards and leaflets becomes habitual when there are 100s of stands to choose from. Often, you don’t even look at the person handing it to you, or the stand from which it came. The intent is often to look at these later, but all too often, quality printed materials end up in the bin. So how about giving delegates a tactile sensation when they pick up your print materials?

Tactile printing gives you the opportunity to use textured, metallic or embossed finishes to create a mini sensory explosion. Often it’s such a surprise that it’s stops people in their tracks – and then they smile.

4. What are you Good at?

At InkPrint Solutions we always find ourselves incredibly moved when a business demonstrates their specialism. Why? Because it allows them to talk about specifics, rather than generics. Trade exhibitions tend to encourage sound bites and fast talking, but finding a way to draw your visitors’ attention to the detail that makes you different, is what tends makes you memorable.

We encourage clients to develop branded materials that tell a story of some kind, help them to understand the process at the heart of the business.

Let InkPrint Solutions Take the Strain

If you like the sound of this, but don’t have the time to manage it, hand it over to our print management team. They’ll work with your people, or follow your brief. We have a network of specialist print partners who can turn work around fast, and designers who can turn an idea into a great piece of print merchandise. Best of all, our project managers will take responsibility for delivering your exhibition stand materials to your deadline.

Call InkPrint Solutions today to talk about the ways we can help with your exhibition stand. For banners, banner stands, printed merchandise and freebies you’ll want to keep, call 01525 305 204