An Innovative Use of Google Approved VR Goggles for Website Launch

At Ink Print Solutions we like to ‘take it a step further’ for our clients, and we’re always excited to find new and innovative ways to create print marketing. We’re currently working with a client on the development of two tactile print products to promote the launch of a new website. This project provided us with the perfect opportunity to work with virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Using VR For a Fun and Engaging Promotion Event

Our client was launching a new website designed to help busy restaurant owners cope with the fierce competition their industry is facing. They had created a fun, interactive marketing promotion that allowed customers to explore their virtual showroom which had been created for the launch event. They asked Ink Print Solutions to produce the customised cardboard VR goggles that would give them access via their smartphones.

Working With Google Approved VR Cardboard Goggles

Google Cardboard offers a range of VR cardboard goggle kits that include technical specifications and drawings for lenses, conductive strips, and die-cut lines.We worked with our client to produce the final goggle design and produced 150 pieces for the clients website launch. Each goggle set is boxed and comes with quick and simple instructions for assembling the VR goggles.

A Promotional Experience That Gets Remembered

This was a great project to get our teeth into. The combination of print and technology produced an engaging, fun experience which set the product apart, and created a secondary ‘word-of-mouth’ campaign as recipients told friends about their experience, and showed off the promotional pack. This ‘try-before-you-buy’ approach is gaining ground as the goggles come down in price – and we look forward to working on more of these kinds of promotional products, going forward.

If you’re looking for some out-of-the-ordinary, exciting ways to promote your new product, or website, call our design team on 01525 305204 to get your creative juices flowing.