Ink Print Solutions Creates High Quality Printed Merchandise

Does printed merchandise still have a role to play in promotional marketing, in an age of digital technology? The message from our clients is a resounding ‘Yes’. Their conviction is echoed in in recent research that finds 96% of companies surveyed considered promotional merchandise to be key to brand engagement.

Digital advertising comes and goes, however brilliant the concept, but printed merchandise has staying power. Nearly half of branded merchandise is kept for longer than a year, and a 20% retains value for over a decade. Good looking, tactile objects are also passed on regularly; 60% of branded merchandise finds its way into the hands of friends, colleagues and family.

A New Generation of Branded Merchandise

Most of us can narrate the history of branded merchandise via the canvas bags, stress balls, pens and mugs that lie scattered around the home and office. These objects still have a role to play, but there’s a whole new market to be captured through the use of printed merchandise.

  • Online Shopping. This is no longer just about convenience. With so many businesses offering such a great service, everyone’s looking for a differentiator. We have a number of clients who are working on the creation of beautifully designed branded merchandise to include with every online order.
  • The Personal Touch. Digital marketing is all about dealing in the personal. Internet companies are falling over themselves to demonstrate that they know who you are, and what you’re looking for. This is now tipping into the merchandise they produce. Remember the personalised Coke bottles?
  • High Value Merchandise. All our clients tell us that they want something that speaks of value and integrity. With print merchandise, that’s all about design. If you can provide a unique print object, that is memorable, beautifully crafted, and a limited edition, you can be pretty sure that you’ll hit the spot.

Printed Merchandise – 2 Case Studies

Tactile Design – An Interactive VR Experience

We were asked to support a new website launch in a totally unique way. Ink Print Solutions created customised design and print for Google Approved VR Goggles. The VR handsets were branded and sent to invitees in crafted boxes. These contained simple instructions for creating the headset and using it in conjunction with the brand new website.

There were 3 stages of engagement in play here; intrigue and delight at receiving an unusual tactile object, curiosity and interaction when constructing and using the goggles, and recounting the experience to others.

Experiential Merchandise – a Winter Warmer

Our client wanted to send out a pre-Christmas winter treat to staff. The aim was to get staff talking about the gift, and feeling good about the business. We created a mail wallet with a zip seal – opening it generated the same level of excitement as opening a gift. Inside there were 5 beautifully packaged hot chocolate sachets, and a Z gatefold promotional mailer.

This piece of printed merchandise was branded to build expectation, and delight. Whilst the gift itself wasn’t particularly high value, the design enhanced its experiential potential. It had the desired effect, and staff felt that they’d received ‘something special’ because of the design and print quality.

Ink Print Solutions Produces High Quality Printed Merchandise

If you’re looking for promotional, printed merchandise that will be kept, remembered or talked about, we can help. The Ink Print Solutions print team take huge care in creating beautiful artefacts that make a lasting impact with clients, customers and staff.

If you’re looking for high quality printed merchandise call Ink Print Solutions today on 01525 305 204 to find out how we can create impact with beautiful design and print.