Managed Print Service Benefits

Are you spending too much on your print projects? If so you’re probably keen to take action in order to reduce costs – but which solution will guarantee you the savings you need? A number of Ink Print Solution’s clients come to us with this problem. And we always start out by looking at the reasons for the current costs, before looking at ways that managed print could reduce them.

5 Potential Reasons Why Your Current Print Costs Are Too High

1. Insufficient In-House Print Experience. As companies grow there will always come a point where in-house expertise no longer aligns with the business’ print requirements. This is where print bills start rising out of control. Why? Because the print team don’t know the sector well enough to be able to get the best price for the work which needs doing.

2. Insufficient Time to Deal With Print. When you don’t have a team who’s focus is 100% on your print projects, it’s the bottom line, rather than the quality that tends to suffer. Without the time to carefully scope, spread work across appropriate specialist printers, and project manage print work, your costs can quickly spiral.

3. Inability to Innovate. If you have a team that’s grown your in-house print services, you may find that your practices are stuck in a rut. Print is a constantly innovating sector, and you could be missing out on some of the most exciting developments simply because you’re not aware that they’re happening.

4. Not Getting the Response Rate You Want. If you’re print costs are sky high, and you’re failing to get the return you’re looking for, then change needs to happen fast. When businesses find themselves in this situation, they normally benefit hugely from having a print expert audit their existing practices to find out where things are going wrong.

5. Unsure Whether to Grow the In-House Team. Building expertise in-house is a great solution – if you have the money and the time to make it work. We always remind our clients that an in-house team isn’t an instant solution. Even if you’re able to hire the best in the business, they’ll need to ‘bed in’ to your company, before they start to make an appreciable difference.

Managed Print Services Benefits

An audit of current practices will often reveal to a business where they’ve lost control of their print budget. Managed print services provide a rapid relief from the pain, purely because we take hold of your current practice and manage it to both reduce the costs, and enhance the potential for innovation. How are we able to do that? Because we have dedicated experts whose job it is to ensure you get the best services, for the best rates.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Introduce you to the latest print innovations and technology
  • Advise you on how to engineer your product to reduce costs
  • Get you the best rates available from out trusted print partners
  • Project manage your print jobs from start to finish
  • Allocate complex jobs across our network of specialist printers
  • Provide guidance on data handling, colour management and fulfilment

Managed Print Services Reduce Your Costs

At Ink Print Solutions, an important part of the work we do for clients is auditing their current practice, in order to find out how we can save money whilst improving the service. Sounds too good to be true? Well, we’re able to demonstrate how this is working for a number of existing clients, who are now enjoying the benefits of outsourced print services.

Thinking the time might be right to outsource your print management? Call us today on 01525 305 204 to find out how we can support your business.