Managed Print Services for London Businesses

Many of the London businesses we work with are facing a similar dilemma: The business has started to grow, and printing – which has always been shared across the team – now needs to be managed professionally to let the team concentrate on what they do best. Should the business invest in an in-house print role, or outsource their printing requirements to a partner like Ink Print Solutions?

If print is a key component of your business, building in-house expertise is probably the best option. If, however, your printing projects are subordinate to your product or service, a managed print service would be preferable. The latter option gives you a team of print experts who are used to hitting the ground running, and are ready to start work on your behalf immediately.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services for London Businesses

Recruiting to a new role eats time and resources. Outsourcing your print project instantly confers a range of benefits – which include:

  • Money-Saving Management – complex print projects require the services of a number of printers, all of whom have to be sourced and managed. Your print services team will have a trusted network, and they’ll be able to get the most competitive prices for their client.
  • Time-Saving Management – every project will be managed by a dedicated team of print professionals. They’ll combine their expertise and experience in creating the most time-efficient way to achieve the best result in response to your brief.
  • Innovation on Tap – print service professionals work in a highly competitive environment, which means that they innovate constantly. They will advise you on regularly updating your print materials, and you’ll have access to cutting-edge print techniques.
  • Brand Consistency – creating consistency across your marketing resources is key to developing trust in your brand. Your print services team will manage brand consistency across your print materials and your digital output.
  • Accountability – once you have a team of professionals at your disposal, providing regular reporting against KPIs and SLAs, you’ll be able to assess their ongoing return on your investment.

Case Study – Print Managing an Innovative Launch Event

One of our London clients asked us to create two tactile print products for the launch of their new website. They were aware of our reputation for innovative print design, and so they asked us for something that would be experiential, interactive and memorable.

Tactile Print Product #1 –  we created customised cardboard VR goggles to be used in conjunction with a virtual showroom created for the launch.

Tactile Print Product #2 – we were asked to design a self-mailer. Our tactile response was a playful pop up product that delivered the necessary info interactively.

Our client loved the idea of the pop up and we proceeded to production. That was when we discovered that each of the 23,000 pieces would have to be finished by hand to stop the pop ups adhering to the machine finished base. The finished product was spectacular, however, and well worth the hard work to reach the finish line!

Ink Print Solutions Print Services for London Businesses

Ink Print Solutions is proud of the client list it has grown over the years, and our clients are always happy to provide references which comment on our work ethic, out quality of service and the end product we produce. If you would like to hear from one of our existing clients, all you have to do is choose from the list on our website and we’ll do the rest.

If you are looking for marketing materials that ‘catch the imagination’ of your clients, call our design team on 01525 305204 for inspiration.