Branded merchandise stimulates interest and brand association

Whether its for an exhibition stand, a corporate event, a roadshow or simply to keep front and centre with your existing clients, branded merchandise is a brilliant way of putting your brand in front of your target audience. Everybody loves a freebie, and if you can make that freebie something that can be used in everyday life, so much the better.

Printed merchandise has a reach that no other form of media can achieve for the price

They also have the longevity. Printed umbrellas, mobile power banks and customized calendars are on average kept by the consumer for at least a year. A commercial on TV or radio might only last 30 seconds, but a printed mug on average is kept for eight months. A promotional bag seven. A branded pen six. A recent study found that when the consumer is finished with the product, only a small percentage threw the product away. A massive 60% of consumers pass on the item to someone else.

Even if the initial consumer isn’t interested in your promotional product, they’re not likely to throw it away