Multi-Level 3D Pop-Up Mailer for Agency Client

At Inkprint Solutions we especially enjoy the bespoke print challenges that our clients present to us. One such landed at our door recently, courtesy of our agency client MomentumABM. They were looking for a special A4 mailer which would use a double-sided pop-up design to demonstrate the diversity of offering provided by one of their clients.


Designing a Multi-Level Mailer

Once we saw the designs for the two pop-ups we were able to start creating a mailer that would work with them. The pop-ups themselves utilised a range of levels, so our first consideration was the base material. It couldn’t be too rigid, otherwise the base would ‘spring’ shut after being opened. But it had to be robust enough to ensure that the figures would ‘stand up’ and remain in place once revealed.

We trialled two different weight materials before making a decision. This resulted in the use of 250gsm silk for the base and 350gsm silk for the pop up figures. These gave us the best results for the mailer and we were pleased with the stability we were able to achieve for the pop-up figures.

Pre-Production Samples

We ran two samples pre-production. The first was a plain white ‘rough’ copy to determine the correct length and positioning for the pop-up pulling struts. The second sample was a much closer to the finished product. All the elements were present and were printed on both sides. Any necessary tweaks were made to to the original positioning.

It’s always a tense moment when you present a bespoke piece to a client, but we needn’t have worried. We received a very positive response and approval to proceed.

Pop-Up Brochure Production

Each of the pop-up pieces were die cut, but every other part of the production was hand worked. This was crucial as each piece had to be carefully crafted to ensure its precise positioning. The pop-up elements were then individually tested so that we could guarantee they pulled up correctly when opened. We created 35 mailers for our client, and production took just 7 days from approval of the second sample.

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