Why Personalised Business Stationery Still Makes Sense

When it comes to putting together a marketing strategy, most modern businesses will concentrate on developing their online presence. And quite right too; we’re living in a digital age. But, there are some communications that are uniquely personal – and for them, an email or a text may not always be sufficient to the task.

In our personal lives we tend to know when something more than an email is required. Wedding invitations tend to be carefully designed and printed, as do birth announcements and milestone birthday invites. In business, a handwritten note on a beautifully designed letterhead or compliment slip adds a personal touch. It communicates to the recipient that they matter to you – which can make all the difference.

Simple Designs Speak Volumes

Your personalised stationary isn’t required to shout about how great you are, make a quick sale, or persuade someone of your worth. It simply needs to communicate the values that drive your brand. At InkPrint Solutions we know the impact a simple print design can have. All that’s needed for letterheads is your contact details in a clear, readable font.

Choose Your Paper Carefully

This is perhaps the most important part of the design process. Despite the fact that we now live most of our lives online, we still appreciate the tactile experience of high quality paper. Equally, we know poor quality paper when we encounter it and it diminishes the value of the communication. The InkPrint Solutions team can take you through the range of premium print paper grades that we work with – each one unique, and memorable.

Careful With Colour

Too much colour on your personalised business stationery and it will appear to be screaming at you. Muted colours tend to make the most impact, or maybe just a splash of colour which is offset against the simplicity of the rest. The design will be seeking to marry the paper grain, the chosen font and any additional print colour to create a uniquely satisfying experience for the recipient.

Luxury Personalised Stationery is Addictive

Personalised stationery is your business made tactile. It takes your online presence and translates it into a one-to-one meeting. It may be as simple as a compliment slip that you include with samples, or it may extend to letterheads and envelopes for follow-up letters which mean so much more than a request to connect on LinkedIn.

A quick warning, though. Many of our clients have started out with a simple request and found themselves returning for more. An experience of ‘luxury’, whether it’s a perfume, chocolate or vintage wine, removes us from the humdrum. We step outside our everyday lives for a moment, and bring all our senses to bear on what we’re encountering. Luxury creates unique experiences.

Arming Yourself With Luxury

When it comes to personalised business stationery InkPrint can help every step of the way. We can start from your design ideas, or you may want us to take the lead. We’re passionate about creating products that excite and inspire our clients. So one thing you can be sure of; you’ll be itching to start using your luxury personalised stationery just as soon as it’s printed.

If you’re looking for a unique form of business communication, talk to InkPrint solutions about personalised business stationery designs – 01525 305 204