Are Print Brochures Effective Marketing?

Digital marketing may have stolen the spotlight when it comes to super fast communications but print remains a popular choice with clients. One reason for this is the saturation of the online marketplace which has greatly enhanced the value of print marketing. In much the same why that vinyl is now considered a ‘premium’ way to enjoy music, print offers a personalised way to experience a brand.

A print catalogue or brochure has the capacity to make more of a lasting impression than browsing on your phone. Why? Because it engages our senses. The feel of the paper, the quality of the print and the use of design features combine to encourage a personal, tactile engagement with the product.

Making Print Brochures Extra Special

Print brochures are 3 dimensional objects that have the capacity to arrest the senses whilst providing detailed product information. For clients wanting to make their brochure stand out from the crowd, there’s a whole load of sense-tingling ways to achieve this.

We’ve chosen 5 of our favourites to inspire you:

  1. Coloured Tabs. If your product range has a number of categories, why not use coloured tabs to differentiate them? The use of an attractive colour palette, icons and a clear, bold font will improve navigation and create a strong visual impact for customers.
  2. Creative Binding. Most brochures encourage us to ignore the binding, so why not draw attention to it instead? A bold colour, combined with a textured finish makes a strong impression, as does a spiral binding, or an unusual clip.
  3. Shapes That Surprise. We expect brochures to be square or rectangular, so why not defy expectations? Folded brochures provide the opportunity for shapes that reflect your brand. It might be a car, an apple, a bottle, a number, or a geometric design.
  4. Loose Leaf Inserts. Suppose you’re offering a range of different experiences to your clients. Why not create a wallet design with a range of inserts. This is a great way to tailor your brochure for particular clients, with inserts featuring a range of formats and textures.
  5. Die Cut Brochure Cover. Die cutting refers to the mass production of cut out designs. It could be your company name cut out to reveal bold colours, or patterns, as part of your brochure cover design.

Ink Print Solutions Create High Quality Brochures

If you’re looking for a brochure that will make an impact with your clients, the Ink Print Solutions team can offer advice or provide creative inspiration. We not only design and print brochures, we can also customise mailer wallets or envelopes to ensure that your promotion starts to make an impact from the moment it arrives in the post.

Ink Print Solutions offers a range of products to support and promote your brand at trade shows and conferences. We print roller banners, luxury stationary, business cards and a range of high quality promotional merchandise that are guaranteed to attract the attention of clients. Our goal is always to give you the competitive edge with your clients.

Ink Print Solutions creates high quality brochures that are designed to get your product noticed. Our goal is to give you the competitive edge – call us on 01525 305 204