Print Management Benefits for SMEs

Given the amount of attention digital culture is given in the media, you could be forgiven for assuming that businesses have moved seamlessly from print-based marketing to the digital equivalent. In fact, for most of the small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) we speak to, this isn’t the case at all. They tell us that their clients appreciate a blend of print and digital materials. It seems that the values associated with print – personalisation, tradition, attention to detail – are hard to shake off.

The endurance of print means that there are numerous SMEs managing their print processes with small, and often inexperienced, teams. Often they’re surprised to hear that print management could benefit their business, and need some persuading that it’s something that could save them money. Working through the benefits of outsourcing professional print services, however, can provide a new perspective on their existing business practices. 

4 Key Benefits for SMEs Partnering With Professional Print Services

An SME is no longer a start up, but they’re very much a growing business. Which means that ‘scaling up’ is a critical component of their business strategy. We bear this in mind when defining the benefits of print management for SMEs.

1. Ongoing Costs.

Maintaining high quality print marketing is an expensive business. It requires a skilled and dedicated team, who are aware of the latest developments in print technology. Then there’s the cost of working with specialist printers, or investing in tech which will need ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Pairing with a print management team will plug you into a network of experts whose sole job is to work at the cutting edge of the print industry.

2. Training Your Print Team.

Many SMEs work with a legacy print team who have learnt ‘on the job’. As the company grows this stops being a viable option. The alternative, employing skilled print specialists, or training existing staff, can be prohibitively expensive. At InkPrint Solutions we are often brought in to enhance the work of existing teams. Working with our print experts enables them to upgrade their skills, and grow their print knowledge.

3. Scaling Up.

However efficient your print processes currently, they need to be constantly stress-tested for growth. SME’s often find themselves suddenly having to work beyond their current capacity and it can be disastrous if there’s no plan in place. Print Management offers consultancy when it comes to planning for growth. This will normally involve the streamlining of processes that have, to date, been dealt with manually.

4. Saving Money.

The majority of SMEs we speak to start out by shaking their head in disbelief when we tell them we’ll SAVE THEM MONEY. We able to do so for the simple reason that we have a tried and tested network of specialist printers, and we’re able to pair up their print needs and achieve bulk discounts on their print jobs. Complex print work is spread across our network, the process is project managed, and when the work’s complete – you receive just one invoice.

InkPrint Offers Experience, Skills and Savings

Trying to achieve high quality outcomes across every part of your growing business can be overwhelming. InkPrint Solutions provides expertise, consultancy and a specialist print network that’s available when you need it. We work with a range of businesses, many of whom you’ll probably recognise. If you’d like to know more about how print management works, we can put you in touch with one of our clients, who’ll talk through their experience.

Struggling to maintain high quality, economically viable print marketing? Take a look at the print management benefits SMEs can enjoy from partnering with Inkprint Solutions.