Print Marketing Materials to Grow Your Sales

Print marketing materials are those items that change hands. They’re the items that you hand to a client, invite visitors to take away, or send to valued customers. Print advertising has retained its importance in the digital century, because it adds the extra dimension of touch to the sales process. And recent statistics bear the importance of touch to converting leads; a combination of print and digital marketing could improve your response by up to 400%.

Which Printed Marketing Materials Work Best?

Print marketing items fulfil different functions at distinct stages in the sales process. The one rule of thumb is that they should always be high quality, and visually attractive items. A poorly printed, hastily assembled design will go in the bin immediately. Whilst an item that persuades the recipient that it has integral value, is likely to be retained and remembered.

We’ve selected 5 print marketing materials which work particularly well as part of any sales cycle:

1. Business Cards

The business card and the handshake remain important identifiers of your brand. Not having a card to hand, or producing a flimsy substitute will leave an enduring impression. Alternatively, a card that is pleasant to the touch and to the eyes will anchor the encounter in trust. We recommend using high quality card, spot UV, or bevelled edges to create a tactile treat for the recipient.

2. High Quality Stationery

At one time this was a staple in the business budget, now it’s a rarity – which is what gives it value currently. Carefully designed and printed business stationery containing a handwritten note, speaks of a personal connection which confers status on the recipient. The sheer deluge of digital de-values email communication, however good-looking. Whereas a letter is now considered an event.

3. Product Catalogues and Brochures

This utilitarian marketing resource has been on quite a journey over the past few years. Digital does the job better as far as speed and efficiency goes, but it hasn’t yet replaced them. The print catalogue provides an experience for buyers which is of a different order to its digital counterpart. A stylishly designed brochure offers a unique way to encounter your brand, and will often be kept for a period of months as a reference item.

4. Promotional Products for Business

Suppose you want to launch a new product, motivate a sales team, or attract new customers. You could do what everyone else does and run a digital ad campaign. Or you could do that and supplement it with an innovative promotional product as a spur to the imagination. Ink Print regularly creates memorable promotional print campaigns for brands.

5. Presentation Print Materials

Presenting to a new client is a stressful experience, so why not break the ice by presenting them with print materials designed to delight? It might be your brochure with an in-built video screen. Or you might present using AR technology that brings static imagery to life through the use of video or sound. Ink Print Solutions is full of good ideas when it comes to surprising your audience!

About Ink Print Solutions

The Ink Print Solutions team has over 3 decades of experience in the print industry. We work with a range of large and small clients and our working experience is always a blend of professionalism, innovation and creativity. The experience we bring guarantees that our clients will get a first class service and the highest level of quality.

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