Why Print Marketing Still Matters

We live in a digital world, so why bother with print marketing any longer? Most marketers will tell you that whilst digital does fast, flexible communications exceptionally well, it doesn’t replace print marketing. And there’s a whole lot of statistics bear this out:

•      92% of 18-23 year olds find print easier to read than digital content 

•      56% of customers consider print marketing to be more trustworthy

•      82% of internet users use print advertising to make a purchasing decision

What Is It That Print Marketing Does Well?

At Ink Print Solutions we provide innovative, high-quality print and print management for a whole range of clients, many of whom are well-known brands. For them, digital is a welcome enhancement to their marketing strategy, but it isn’t considered a substitute for print. A blended approach brings the best results, with success rates increasing when digital and print complement each other.

There are 5 key benefits our clients identify in relation to print marketing:

1. Print Marketing Makes the Client Feel Valued

A text message will never take the place of a birthday card and that’s why print has the edge when it comes to value. If you’re thanking your team, offering customers loyalty vouchers, or marking a special anniversary for the business, print does the job better.

2. Print Design is Appeals to the Senses

Suppose you’re at a trade exhibition. There’s hundreds of stands and not much to differentiate them. Then you’re handed a business card that stops you in your tracks. It’s not the look of the card but the feel of the texture that’s arrested your attention.

3. Provide an Alternative to Online

For the past decade we’ve saturated society with the online experience. It’s changed our lives, and our buying habits. But it’s also made the print experience rarer, and ironically, more valuable. A beautifully designed brochure or catalogue now provides a welcome break from the digital.

4. A Print and Digital Combination

It doesn’t have to be an either/or. Recently Ink Print Solutions were asked to create a print design for VR goggles and a direct mailer. The print products were intriguing and interactive, but their ultimate role was to showcase an innovative, interactive website utilising VR.

5. Print is for Keepers

It’s far more difficult to throw a business card, or brochure away than it is to click to another website. Print provides solidity and presence for a brand. An innovative design will also produce an object that clients want to share with their network.

About Ink Print Solutions

We’re all about high quality, innovative print marketing. We have a network of trusted print partners, including designers and print specialists. We can provide designs using a range of innovative techniques such as tactile printing, digital foiling, or video books.

For businesses handling large and complex print projects, we provide professional print management. By re-engineering your print, and spreading complex jobs across our specialist network, we’re able to save you money, and provide expert consultancy along the way.

Print marketing remains a popular and effective way for businesses to sell their products. If you’re looking for print, design or print management, call us on 01525 305 204