Effective Print Merchandise

It’s great to get things for free; it’s even better to be given a gift that demonstrates your value to the giver. Gifts are a transaction; they’re an opportunity to demonstrate the gratitude, esteem or affection we feel for another. Commercial print merchandise is no different. Give your prospective customers a tatty gift; they’ll associate it with your brand. Give your hard-working employees a cheap, poorly printed calendar – they’ll see it as a comment on their performance.

Merchandise With a Difference

At Ink Print Solutions, we specialise in quality print merchandise that has in-built longevity. We contribute our expertise, skills and experience to ensure that those printed umbrellas are good-looking and feel high quality. We know that the creative effort we expend for our clients is an investment with a high return.

Reasons to Use Print Merchandise

‘Choosing your moment’ is an art when it comes to high quality branded merchandise. A gift that arrives on employees’ desks, or at a client’s door unexpectedly is especially sweet. It also has lasting impact. Here are some of the occasions the Ink Print Solutions team has provided print merchandise for:

  • A Surprise Seasonal Gift. Whether it’s Christmas, a commercial anniversary, Easter or a celebration of summer – thoughtful seasonal gifts last all year round.
  • Celebrations, or Congratulations. Where a team has gone ‘above and beyond’, marking their achievement with a valued, personal gift will motivate repeat performances.
  • New Website Launch. These can be something of a damp squib, unless accompanied by print merchandise to mark the moment. Create a virtual event, send out virtual googles.
  • Trade Shows. How about being the stand that has something on offer that everyone would like? High quality print merchandise gets talked about and shown to colleagues.
  • One Offs. The unique piece of print merchandise is a highly valued commodity. It demonstrates a ‘special’ relationship between a client and vendor.

Types of Print Merchandise

We tend to think immediately of cheap screen cleaners, mugs and calendars. Get past this initial perception and there’s a whole range of promotional products for business to tickle your imagination. Ink Print Solutions can create bespoke gifts, textured print items, video books, highly desirable mugs, quality boxed pens and carefully personalised calendars and umbrellas.

We recently worked with a client who was launching their website in an unusual way. They were hosting a virtual event to which a select group of prospective customers were invited. Their invitation arrived in the form of branded VR goggles with instructions for assembly. The interactivity of the gift ensured that momentum built as the launch grew closer.

Working With Ink Print Solutions

At Ink Print Solutions you’ll encounter a team of print experts who are skilled creatives and passionate about what they do. At every stage of the process your print merchandise will be professionally project managed, and delivery to deadline is – of course – guaranteed. We can also handle the shipping of print merchandise to customers or employees.

Feeling inspired but not sure what you want? No problem. Just call the Ink Print Solutions team today and we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution – 01525 305 204