Promotional Products for Business

Promotional products tend to be popular – until you take a close look at them. Most of the pens, flash sticks and wrapped sweets that appear at conference or trade show time lack quality, attention or ingenuity. As such they end up in the bin straight away. By contrast, the promotional products that get kept need to demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • High quality production
  • The object is useful, personal or appropriate
  • It has worth

Businesses are learning that giving away something that is worth nothing brings little or no return. At Ink Print Solutions we’re seeing increased demand for custom print promotional products for business. These may be used as ‘giveaways’, or circulated amongst staff at Christmas, or as a ‘thank you’ for efforts over a particularly challenging period.

Hungry for ideas that will steal the show? Here are 4 of our most popular print promotional products for business:

1. It’s All In the Packaging

A five-pack of hot chocolate sachets may not seem like much of a giveaway, and indeed they cost Rightmove next to nothing. The company chose, instead, to invest in the design and print of the packaging of the pre-Christmas gift for selected staff. The promotion comprised a Z gatefold letter, 5 sachets of hot chocolate, and an elegantly designed zip file folder. The package was a personal and appropriate gift for each of the recipients, and they were extremely well received.

2. Notepads and Pens

Notepads are always a welcome gift, and yet they’re rarely included included in promotional products for business. A simple, elegantly printed notebook, with a promotional pen attached is an excellent way to show off your brand, is utterly unique, and is much more likely to get used than yet another stress ball.

3. Take Advantage of the British Weather

What’s the one thing that everyone in the UK will be glad of receiving? Printed promotional umbrellas are an increasingly popular choice. These can be handed out to visitors on rainy days, or given away at conferences or trade shows. Our designs are eye-catching and take advantage of the in-built ‘reveal’ that occurs every time you open your umbrella up.

4. Get Clients Talking

Want to give clients a reason to talk about your brand? Ink Print were recently commissioned to create a printed mailer containing branded VR cardboard goggle kits. Once assembled, the goggles could be used to explore a virtual showroom on their website. This not only showed off their products in an utterly unique way, but ensured that the goggles were passed on for others to try.

Ink Print Solutions Take Promotional Products a Step Further

We’re passionate about innovative design, and high quality print, which is why our print marketing clients know they can rely on us for unique, beautifully engineered promotional products. We’ll not only design and print your product, we’ll also professionally project manage the whole process. With over 30 years experience, we guarantee that you’ll receive the highest level of quality at every stage of the process.

Ink Print Solutions create high quality print promotional products for business. For innovative ideas, and second-to-none service, call us on 01525 305 204