Rightmove Featured Property Winter Mailer

December is the time of year for gifts and goodwill and our client Rightmove kicked off the season when they came to us to talk about creating a pre-Christmas gift to send out to selected estate agents. Their idea was to create a talking point gift which combined beautifully designed packaging with an offer of free advertising credits, and some winter warmer treats to share with everyone in the office.

Designing a Winter Mailer To Get People Talking

Rightmove had presented us with exactly the kind of creative challenge the Ink Print team relish. We started by creating blank mock-ups of the outer mail wallet featuring a zip seal; we wanted the gift to be interactive right from the start. Then we did the same for the Z gatefold mailing piece that would go inside. Finally, we decided that hot chocolate sachets were a perfect gift for cold winter days. And with that decision in the bag the pack spec was complete.

Rightmove Featured Property Winter Mailer

Realising the Gift Mailer Design

Each mailer would contain five hot chocolate sachets, and the Z gatefold letter. These needed to be compactly contained within a high quality, secure wallet outer. The theme of the gift was a touch of luxury in the run up to Christmas, so matt laminate was added to the wallet outer to signal this to the recipient before the package was even opened.

Ink Print Leaves Nothing to Chance

The slim, elegant mailer wallets, with their two-tone Rightmove colour pallete design were ready to go. Each was filled with a pre-Christmas offer and an office treat. The wallet copy promised an early Christmas present and the zip file made it feel like your were opening a gift. In just 7 days we had printed, die cut, laminated and made up 2,500 pieces.

All that was left to do was to mail them. Just to make sure that nothing would go wrong we PAF tested the mailing data to ensure that the maximum number arrived at their destination.

This must be how Father Christmas feels…

Rightmove Featured Property Winter Mailer

Messages of Goodwill at Rightmove

Christmas is a time for authentic gestures of care, appreciation and goodwill. Rightmove showed they understood this when they approached us with their innovative idea. The mailing went down a treat. Lots of the recipients tweeted ‘thank you’ for the credits they’d received, the winter warmers, and that ‘something special’ that gets communicated when businesses go the extra mile.

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