Taking it a Step Further...

And sometimes you really want to throw your all into a project..here is a small selection of some very exciting options to think about..

Scodix /Tactile printing

Take your designs to the next level and appeal to more of the senses by using 3D special effects. This tactile printing technology uses a UV polymer to create high impact sensory graphics with texture, embossed, varnished and metallic finishes, letting you bring your most brilliant ideas to life without breaking the budget.

This stunning printing process is proven to increase product engagement by 92%, with the vast majority of the audience actually choosing to touch it too.

  • Delivers innovation and differentiation
  • Eye-catching textures, varnishes, embossing and metallics
  • Great engagement on flyers, brochures and boxes
  • Use personalised textures for increased thud!

Digital foiling

Foiling is no longer only an option purely for big budgets and long print runs. With the introduction of digital foiling a couple of years ago came a cost effective way of adding a touch of glamour to your short run project. Imagine producing a set of invitations for an event, with each one personalised in silver or gold foil. Or red. Or blue. Or green. Taking this a step further, how about overprinting silver or gold foil with your full colour design to create a foiled rainbow effect…how’s that for WOW?!

Digital foiling means you are not limited to having one set design, and personalisation can be used throughout at little extra cost. without the extra production time.

Creative Foil

Imagine printing an ultra fine silver foil and then overprinting CMYK over the top, all in one litho pass to create an abundance of colour variations, tones and tints all underpinned with an amazing metallic effect…well now is your chance. This process was developed to allow designers to use multiple foil colours on a sheet, to do away with restrictive foil dies  and to put metallic colours firmly back in the hands of creative minds.

Lay Flat Book Binding

These beautiful books are a spectacular way to showcase photos and content. Lay flat binding allows you to open up the full image in all its glory across the whole double page spread, & with the right imagery the results are incredible. It is suitable for corporate publications, art books, cookbooks to name a few or wherever quality images and content are bound in books.

Motion laser cutting

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious:
The printed sheets are moved on a special conveyor belt through the system and the mirror laser positioned above follows the sheet and cuts the shape in motion.

The Motion-cutter allows cutting, kiss cutting, engraving, creasing and perforating simultaneously on a wide range of stocks in just one step. Personalise names and data by turning every print into a unique personal gift and reach people in a truly personal and emotional way.

The range of possibilities is endless, thanks to precise laser control. From simple technical cuts to complex filigree ornaments, cut out whatever you want – simply and quickly. The only limit is your own creativity!