High Impact Marketing With a Video Brochure

The marketing brochure remains an effective sales tool because it offers customers an experiential encounter with your brand. Good quality paper, great design and an alluring colour palette will ensure that your brochure sticks around far longer than the latest Facebook Ad. But how about if you then add video into the mix?

Maximising Your Brand With a Video Brochure

The video brochure has been around for a few years now, but they continue to pretty much guarantee a high impact response. The concept is simple – it’s a brochure with a slim video screen built it. Sizes range from ‘Business Card’ through to A4. The LCD screen can be housed in either a hard or soft backed cover, finished in gloss, matte or foiled laminate.

Each video brochure is unique. Standard memory starts at 128MB, and can be extended to accommodate your content. There are up to eight video buttons available for use, or you can stipulate a touch screen device. The screens can be built into cards, books, or presentation boxes dependent on the occasion and your marketing requirement.

What’s the Response to Video Brochures?

Amidst a slew of leaflets, business cards and PowerPoint presentations, the video brochure appears as a beacon of innovation and creativity. Very few recipients are able to withstand the temptation to view, and the video brochure is far too novel to be discarded quickly. The interactive nature of the video experience lends itself to being talked about, shared, handed on and – most important – remembered, for months or years after delivery.

Case Study – Presentation Video Book for Smartsheet

US software-as-service provider, Smartsheet asked us to create a piece of luxury video marketing. They wanted it to look like a classic Disney storybook, and sit within a personalised presentation box. We used gold foiling to pick out the distinctive logos and border on the exterior of the box, inscribed upon a soft touch leatherette material.

The finished object was beautiful to look at and pleasing to the touch. When opened, the indigo blue box revealed the video book held snug in its packaging. A bright red ribbon set off the predominance of blue in the packaging. The book itself comprised a 12 page insert and a bespoke video screen presentation.

InkPrint Turns Ideas Into 3D Objects

We’re passionate about expanding the experience of print as a spur to the imagination. At heart we all love objects that allow us to experience the world in new ways, and the InkPrint team enjoys being part of these kinds of projects. We can provide tactile printing, using textured graphics provide embossed, metallic or varnished finishes. Or we can personalise marketing items using elegant metallic foiling in silver, gold, red, blue or green.

About Ink Print Solutions

The Ink Print Solutions team offers top quality print, original designs, and the cost effective engineering of your product. All our work is project managed, ensuring:

  • Regular reporting and effective communications at all stages
  • Efficient liaison with 3rd party suppliers
  • Print products delivered to deadline

If you’re looking for an extra-special marketing product for a presentation, or trade event, call Ink Print to find out more about a video brochure – 01525 305 204