Print Management Helps Grow Your Business

Many of the businesses we speak to remember fondly their early days when everyone pitched in, and every member of the team needed to know a a bit about everything. As businesses grow, one of the most difficult things can be to outsource some of those jobs which have always been handled ‘in-house’. Print is a case in point, because teams get used to managing it ‘locally’, far beyond the point where it actually needs to be managed professionally.

What Does a Print Management Company Do?

Ideally, your print management supplier should be a trusted partner to whom you outsource all your business’ print requirements, from branded stationery through to marketing merchandise. The print manager puts at your disposal a wealth of print experience, project managers, and – most important – a network of trusted print partners, all of them tried and tested on a vast range of projects already undertaken.

Five Key Benefits to Using a Print Management Company

Our Ink Print clients are a tenacious lot, and they always want to have examples of the benefits they can expect to experience from print management – so here are our top 5:

  1. It will save you money – we always have the interests of our clients at heart, which means that we will get you the highest quality printing, for the most competitive price. How do we do it? We know our business and we have a network of providers we work with regularly. We know the best person to go to, and we’re able to get the best price – which we then pass on to you.
  2. It will save you time – unless you have a specialist print department within your business, your teams will be managing your print process alongside a host of other jobs. A professional print manager knows the process well, and will have dedicated time to spend on it.  From the initial brief, through to delivery of the finished print, a print manager will streamline the process.
  3. It allows you to innovate easily – print materials date quickly, and businesses can be too busy to notice. It’s part of the job of print management companies to be at the cutting edge when it comes to innovation, so they can pass it on to their clients. As a trusted partner your print manager should be keeping you up to date with what’s the latest trend, and telling you when your marketing’s looking tired!
  4. It ensures print quality – businesses grow in weird ways and before you know it print is being produced in 4 different places each using different printers and brand guidelines. Print managers will often start by auditing the processes and materials produced by your business. Their aim is always to create consistently high quality print, according to agreed brand guidelines.
  5. It creates accountability – if numerous people are doing their best to organise, produce and distribute print materials for the business, it’s hard to create consistent accountability. Especially if there’s no job title attached. A print management company is accountable for cost savings, quality and processes – all of which are measurable by KPIs and SLAs.

Finding a Print Management Company You Can Trust

Take it step-by-step. At Ink Print Solutions, we always recommend that our clients try us out initially by putting us in charge of a project that they think might challenge their existing print team. We’re confident that the benefits will be recognisable, even on a smaller project. Ideally, we like to develop long-term relationships with clients, because that’s where there are real benefit to be had, but starting small helps to build the trust – and that’s what we’re all about.

Looking for cost savings, and time-efficiency on a print project? Give our Print Management team a ring on 01525 305204 to find out how we can support you.